Hotel Revenue and Yield


Have you ever considered how many sales opportunities you lose just because you don’t have the time or knowledge to do the “Math”? After all, this is what matters in the end: REVENUE & PROFIT. How can you achieve that if you don’t know what is the right room, the right customer & the right price to sell you hotel product? Well, we do and that’s why we are here for.

Do you know why you sell the price you sell, or is it just a number? Do you know where you stand among competition? Do you sell lower or higher than you should? How can you tell? We have our formulas & magic potions to solve the riddles and to precisely understand what your selling price should be, who is the client for you and now is the time to thrive.

SWOT analysis, Online “Health” Checks and scanning of past & present data are essential if you want an accurate Pricing Strategy online that dynamically evolves to your hotel’s revenue.

Daily monitoring of the competition and pricing in the destination, is a prerequisite for the proper positioning of the hotel online, always considering the supply of offers & competition, the demand, and the business’ objectives.

We like crunching numbers, and we love when numbers talk to us. Our Statistics & Performance Optimization is the key element to the evolution of your hotel’s online sales success.